Located just down Main Street from the Royalty Inn is the Raft NH Headquarters and invites you to experience one of their exciting rafting adventures this summer.

Our friends at Raft NH will guide you in an exciting whitewater rafting adventure. No experience is necessary and you will enjoy the best whitewater New Hampshire has to offer. This is fun for the entire family.

Raft NH offers the closest Class IV whitewater rafting from Boston! They will shuttle you from their convenient location on Main Street in Gorham to the “put in” locations on nearby rivers. All you will need to do is just show up as Raft NH will supply all technical and safety equipment. Their gear is brand new and state of the art. Raft NH has the most experienced, licensed, professional whitewater guides in the North Country. They provide inflatable Kayaks also known as “Duckies” plus whitewater rafts that seat seven.

With hot summer days arriving, nothing is more refreshing than rafting in the cool waters of New Hampshire’s White Mountains watershed. The beautiful scenery along with the excitement of the rapids provide one of your most memorable White Mountains adventures! Click here for more details.

The Royalty Inn is your best home base for this adventure because we are located within easy walking distance to Raft NH shuttle bus. Leave your car behind at the Royalty and Raft NH does the rest! We hope that you will join us sometime during the next couple of months to experience this adventure. Welcome to the Royalty Inn!

Conrad Klefos, General Manager
Royalty Inn


With a friendly smile and warm welcome, convenient in-room amenities, and budget-friendly rates, Royalty Inn will be your go-to destination when visiting the majestic White Mountains and the Great North Woods. Magical adventures surround us!