These two last weekends mark the end of the season to operate your ATVs on the roads in Gorham and Berlin, NH. But it’s still time to squeeze another weekend or two of ATV adventures from the Royalty Inn!  Although the trails remain open for riding in Jericho State Park into winter, the streets become off limits after Wednesday, October 31st. After the 31st, riders will need to trailer their ATVs from the hotel to the trailhead.

These next two weekends will be fabulous times to explore the Jericho trails. The trails will be uncrowded and the leaves will have all dropped exposing more dramatic views of the spectacular mountain scenery around us. Be sure to bring an extra layer of clothing as this time of the year can be frosty!

Both White Mountain ATV Rentals and Northeast ATV Rentals remain open for all of your ATV rental needs. After the closure of the roads after the 31st, Northeast ATV Rentals facility in Milan remains open which is on a connector trail gaining direct access to the trails. So if you cannot make it during the last two weekends, there is still time to squeeze in the last ride of the season in November.

Remember, the Royalty Inn has plenty of trailer parking and is the only Gorham hotel to feature a fully-equipped athletic club with weights, cardio machines, racquet ball courts, over-sized indoor lap pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi. After a day riding in the woods, there is nothing better than a dip in the pool and a soothing soak in our hot tub. Welcome to the Royalty Inn!

Conrad Klefos, General Manager
Royalty Inn


With a friendly smile and warm welcome, convenient in-room amenities, and budget-friendly rates, Royalty Inn will be your go-to destination when visiting the majestic White Mountains and the Great North Woods. Magical adventures surround us!