It’s mid-June and our hills are alive with Lupine! These beautiful plants are native to our region of New Hampshire, growing wild in hilly un-mowed meadows. They begin their bloom in early June and peak with colorful spikes by late June, enjoying their splendor for three to four weeks before they go to seed.

The Lupine is actually a member of the pea family. This is an edible plant and was used as food thousands of years ago. Today, we simply admire their beauty. Lupine blossoms form on tall flower stalks that range in length from 3 to 18 inches. The flowers themselves are shaped like those of other legumes, with their lower petals forming a cup shape. Depending on the variety, the flowers may be blue, purple, pink, white, yellow or even bi-colored though purple is the predominant color.

There is still time to enjoy New Hampshire’s Lupines. Plan a June visit to the White Mountains and make Lupines part of your sight-seeing adventure. Welcome to the Royalty Inn!

Conrad Klefos, General Manager
Royalty Inn


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