When one thinks of the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire immediately comes to mind. However, the White Mountain National Forest actually extends into Maine with 49,000 acres of wilderness. This region is easily accessible from the Royalty Inn because the Maine border is only a 15 minute drive.

To discover Maine’s portion of the White Mountain National Forest, simply travel east from the Royalty Inn on Route 2 until you reach the intersection of Route 113. Turn right onto Route 113 heading south. This Maine / New Hampshire border highway will take you to some of the most beautiful mountain country in New England known as the Caribou Speckled Mountain Wilderness. Here you will find 14,000 acres of wilderness with many wonderful hiking options.

My good friend & AT hiker, Carey Kish has written extensively about this region as he is a huge fan of the area. To read his most recent in-depth article in the Portland Press Herald about the Caribou Mountain hike, CLICK HERE. The photo above is courtesy of Carey Kish. Carey is presently hiking The Pacific Crest Trail which spans 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington.

So, come up sometime during the next couple of months, stay with us and discover the portion of the White Mountain National Park that most of us don’t see. Welcome to the Royalty Inn!

Conrad Klefos, General Manager
Royalty Inn


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