My wife, Lisa nearly ran into a female moose last week during her early morning walk in Randolph.  Here in northern New Hampshire, we are fortunate to have many moose making the Royalty Inn your perfect home base for this White Mountain adventure. There are two options to view moose in the Gorham area.

Option one, White Mountain ATV Rentals guides moose tours on its all-terrain vehicles. They will pick you up in front of the Royalty Inn in a new state-of-the-art side-by-side ATV or the vintage Suzuki 4 X 4 tour van. With either the ATV or 4 X 4 van, moose watchers will get into the back country and view moose in their most natural habitat. You also have a greater opportunity to see all kinds of other wildlife once you leave the road. For more details about the White Mountain ATV Moose & Wildlife Tours, CLICK HERE.

The second option is a more traditional moose tour from the road. Join Gorham Moose Tours as they take you on a 3 hour tour in one of their comfortable tour buses. This is the North Country’s longest-running tour with experienced wildlife guides who know just where to search and find moose.

It is generally illegal to shine lights in order to spot moose or other animals, but Gorham Moose Tours has permission from the state of NH, so their buses are equipped with spotlights to find and view moose after dark. Whenever possible and safe, they allow visitors to get off the bus to get a closer look at these beautiful animals. The success rate for viewing moose is 96% and one tour reported spotting 12 MOOSE! Tours will run through the end of September. For additional information about Gorham Moose Tours, CLICK HERE.

Nighttime is the ideal time to view moose, but it’s also the most dangerous as they blend in with their surroundings and dark backgrounds. That’s why we recommend letting either White Mountain ATV Moose Tours or Gorham Moose Tours do the driving and searching for you!  Be sure to experience a moose tour during your next visit to the Royalty Inn. Welcome to the Royalty Inn!

Conrad Klefos, General Manager
Royalty Inn



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